Cafe Opus (オパスカフェ)

I am writing this review way too late, but I remember it well enough to write a decent review. I used to come here after work every Wednesday since it was the only day I got off early enough to go out. Every week, without fail, I ordered the same thing: omuraisu and a coffee. My Japanese was poor, but over time the one server eventually tried to talk to me about different blends and why I should pick certain coffees. At the time, my coffee knowledge was quite limited. Over time, I grew a strange bond with these people whom I could barely speak to for more than a minute. I always thanked them, they always thanked me, and we called it a night.

We were never on a name basis, but after about 4 months of visiting their store, I told them I was moving back to the states anyway. Suddenly, they almost seemed sad though we never really talked. They sat down with me for about a minute, thanking me, and asking if I would ever come back. I told them, probably not, but thanks for the good food.

This place was perfect for one solid reason; though dingy and ordinary, it was “my spot.” It is important to find a place you can be a regular at, time and time again. People have different motives for choosing their favorite shops. Sometimes you go for the food, the people, or the atmosphere. For me, I like to find a place where I can just sit and read. Maybe because I did not like speaking in Japanese, but I liked how Opus was just a walk down the street, 2 minutes to order, my book was open, and I was absorbed in my little coffee world in no time. They always made me feel at home. Even though they knew I was foreign, they never gave me the “OMG gaijin” crap nor did they treat me with any sort of indifference. I was their regular, and they were my regular shop. Much love to Gifu.

I liked:

  • The Omuraisu
  • Their weird attempt at being a music store with random trinkets and records strewn about.

Cafe Opasu

Japan, Gifu-ken, Gifu, Kiyozumicho, 3丁目5 堀壱ビル1F

+81 58-212-3378       ‎


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