South West Regionals

This event was fun. For me, it felt kind of showcase-ey, a little over the top, and a little too serious. I and many others described it as, very lovingly, a “dog show.” We loved going to it, it was fun, exciting, but it seemed more about being a showpiece and an entertainer than being a super competitive, fast paced, intense gathering of experts. What was great for me was seeing people I knew in the industry and getting to try free products. Some of the best of the best were here and while I was surprised at the level of technique and mastery over coffee craft, the same was true at the opposite end of the spectrum, which was highly disappointing. Can’t complain too much though, unlike them, I did not compete and thus have little room to talk. Anyway, here are some photos from the event. I spent a collective 45 minutes here between two days, it was kind of hard to watch what I do at work everyday for too long. Congratulations to everyone, keep doing your best. Cheers!



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