Red Velvet Latte from Bitter+Sweet Cafe

This is the first in a series of articles featuring the specialty drinks of certain shops; original creations that demonstrate the imagination of baristas pushing the culinary art of coffee towards new directions.


When I first walk into a shop, I usually notice the shop specialty. Generally, this is just curiosity. In all honesty, I pretty reticent to try these kinds of drinks for a number of reasons.

I originally heard about Bitter+sweet, my new favorite spot in Cupertino via Yelp. While reading the reviews, I continuously came across nods to the Red Velvet Latte served by their very own Dan Vu. After visiting this shop a few times, I finally spoke to him about his creation. I ordered one and was pretty impressed with the drink; flavorful, sweet but not overpowering, interesting, creative, and generally pretty enticing, not to mention beautiful. It was actually this drink that inspired me to start this series.


Today, I went back to give the drink a proper review. I went in during the rush, ordered another Red Velvet Latte, and was impressed for a second time. It was smooth, very velvety both in texture and its red velvet flavor, it was not overly flavorful so that one forgets they are drinking coffee, a great temp, a good size for something you expect to be hearty and sweet, and an overall hit with customers. My one tiny gripe is that for an espresso drink, you cannot really taste the espresso, but it is the perfect “sweet” coffee drink.


Daniel was kind enough to sit down and give us the low down. Ever the humble man, one day, Dan decided to play around with what was already in the store. He recognized the current cupcake craze in the South Bay and figured that something sweet would go over well with the clientele.

After some experimentation, he used some red velvet mix he found in the store and created his masterpiece. He showed Janice, then some customers, and before they knew it, the RVL was selling like hot cakes. It has definitely been a hit, girls are definitely, “all up on” the RVL.

The drink isn’t patented, though Daniel and B+S can lay claim to being the originators in the South Bay. Dan has huge plans for the drink… I mean HUGE. Just kidding; keeping step with his original goals, Daniel personally plans for it remain a custom drink fit only for the store and his customers. Of course, others will pick up on the trend and likely mimic what they have accomplished (rumor has it, some other SJ shops are already serving a similar drink).

From those of us here and those future customers of B+S, we thank you guys for such a terrific drink and congratulate you on a job well done. Keep servin up creative ideas and you can be sure we will all come back, “all up on” whatever else you guys create from your kitchen.

*To address those who expressed interest in this article. First of all, thank you for taking the time to read the blog and this article! The people at Bitter+Sweet would really appreciate it. To directly address concerns.

  • what’s in it?
I thought it seemed self explanatory but essentially it is Red Velvet mixed in with espresso and milk to create a latte. If you want specifics you will have to contact the shop directly since I, as the author, was asked not to go into specifics of the process or exact ingredients for business reasons. This article was meant to reflect the creative processes more than the drink itself. I am not in the business of giving away secrets or recipes :).
  • what’s it taste like?
Part of why I left the taste part out was I want people to go try it for themselves! It’s great, very smooth and not too sweet. It has very present red velvet flavor, so much so that I thought it almost dominates the espresso. I would almost dare to say it is like a dessert in some respects because it is rather heavy on the pallet… and the stomach.

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  2. Mable says:

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