Roy’s Station


I first came across Roy’s by chance. I really like the Japantown in SJ and saw this old, converted gas station while checking out the Buddhist temple (see my work on Watsonville, CA Japantown on the JACL website!!). My friend, Joshua Kaplan, told me that walking past Roy’s was a mistake. He couldn’t recommend them enough and seeing as I love the area already, I decided to make a special trip for Roy’s.

The layout is great; an old gas station that was converted into a hip coffee shop. When I walked in, the staff was exceedingly friendly and welcoming. I won’t gush about the tools in use, they use high-end Mazzer and Marzocco equipment. We ordered and sat outside on the patio enjoying the beautiful morning . Where an old Ford might have come to fuel-up 50 years earlier, I was drinking my cap and enjoying the spread.

I have said this about other shops who source their coffee from “third wave” roasters many times and the same is true of Roy’s; they can make a better cap out of Verve’s Sermon than Verve. I like wet caps but today my drink was slightly shy on foam. That was a very minor oversight because overall, I thought my cap had incredible flavor and depth. Roy’s really did the Sermon justice. The flavor was delicious and unique, they somehow manipulated their milk/espresso ratio in such a way that it made it extremely sweet and smooth without masking the espresso taste. Outstanding, really.

I think what I enjoyed most was the atmosphere. The set up was cute and all, but I am referring to the general atmosphere and the location. It is in the heart of Japantown, very convenient and picturesque. The staff prided themselves on high quality and you would never guess that these guys are relatively new. They were very friendly, positive and never gave a flair of arrogance or attitude. It is an exceedingly genuine and modest operation;  that is really refreshing for a third wave shop.

As a little bonus, we were sitting down to lunch and I noticed a familiar looking guy who walked by. To my surprise, it was none other than professional skateboarding legend and one of my heroes, Cairo Foster. He’s  local, really friendly guy, and praised the place. If people like Cairo, Norman Mineta, Ken Watanabe are frequenting Roy’s, I think their patronage is as good a reason as any to visit. Thanks for the fan-boy shout out Cairo.DSC02373

It was a great experience, Roy’s Station really produces quality products and service. See you soon guys. この監視のために日本語を使うことがちょっと変で傲然訳にはいかないけど、Roy’sの保有者が日本語を分かるの人はずだから、日本語を使いたいんです。本当に私の経験が特別でした。Roy’sの飲み物が高品質と思います。コーヒーを作ってもらさせてありがとうございます。

I Liked:

  • The location
  • The humble attitude
  • The complexity and smoothness of my drink.
  • Celebrity sightings

Roy’s Station

197 Jackson St (Japantown)
San Jose, CA 95112
(408) 286-2236      



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