Coffee Society (Library, City Hall)


The best way to describe Coffee Society is quaint. It is definitely a second-wave shop and there is no way that it can compare to the bigger shops in the area; it is almost unnoticeable except that one of their barista’s mentioned their name once at my store. That being said, I liked their shop for what it is; homey, friendly, inviting, and it carries a variety of non-coffee goods (like ice cream bars and cup o’ noodle). The staff was very nice, though a bit nervous because I was taking photos. Basically see this place provides a service, it’s really a coffee destination. It was nice to see kids and families come in and out of the store on their way to and from the library or from playing out in the field. Surprisingly, they do offer “for here” seating capacity and dishware, use a La Marzocco, and other high end equipment. Great, now if they only used these items to their potential, then I would be impressed. Affordable and simple, straight forward and ego-less.

As for the coffee itself, I was very indifferent. It was simple, no-name beans, so so flavored, a lot of milk for me, featured no art, extremely foaming though it was very soft and velvety, and the shots were definitely on the “burnt” side. That being said, it felt very heavy and hearty, which on a cold day would be enjoyable.

I liked:

  • The price
  • The service
  • The complete and utter lack of ego from the staff despite their higher-end equipment

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