Ritual Roasters (Napa Valley)


Like Blue Bottle, Ritual’s kiosks are bringing the highest quality coffee to customers all over the city. Ritual, however, took this business model a step further and opened a location far beyond the battle grounds of San Francisco. The Napa Valley Kiosk, nestled in the Oxbow Market, is a sterling example of Ritual’s commitment to efficiently providing us with the best artisan coffee. As one would expect, they do not compromise quality for the sake of practically or profit. Rather than speak about the prowess of this particular kiosk, I will focus on how this kiosk aptly represents Ritual as a company that cares deeply for its customers and its employees.

A few weeks back, I was speaking to a friend about Ritual. The conversation led to a discussion of March’s SCAA South West Regional event and Ritual’s competitiors. My buddy told me that many of their staff came down to Santa Cruz to support their competitors. During Sunday finals, Ritual even closed some of their locations so the staff could participate in the day’s festivities in some capacity. I concurred; based on my recent visit to Hayes Valley, Ritual seems unparalleled in it’s commitment, support, and encouragement of their staff. And of course, their product is outstanding. That is why their staff can claim to be the best.

After a scenic drive through wine country, I took my friend to the Ritual kiosk, intending to sell her on “good coffee.” Inconspicuously integrated into the backdrop of other gourmet stands, the modest kiosk is, as one would expect, putting out a top of the line product in an almost unassuming, organic manner.

While we waited for our drinks, I engaged the barista about their machine. I learned their EB was one of the original machines from the first Ritual and had since been “handed down” to the Napa location. Upon hearing this, I became curious. Did that mean this location was neglected or given the lowest priority? Our conversation went something like this, “So, this may seem rude, but do they kind of ignore you all the way out here?” She smiled, “well, seeing as we are pretty far from the other stores, we sometimes get missed with little things. But honestly, not really. They are always looking out for us and keeping us in the loop. They definitely care.” More chit chatting ensued, discussing the company’s commitment to the SCAA event, and I was once again sold on Ritual. Even though the Napa store is part of an entirely different coffee scene, significantly spacially separated from the center, and despite the practical business constraints of maintaining a satalite, Ritual is dedicated to treating a wide audience to great coffee and ensuring that the staff who represents them is well taken care of.

And, my cup of coffee certainly sealed the deal.

Ritual at Oxbow Market

610 1st St

Ste 12

Napa, CA 94581


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