Literati Cafe


Literati Cafe is a conveniently located, restaurant/coffee that is sort of a “one stop shop” for all your daily caffeine and food needs. Given that it is less of a coffee shop and more a cafe, it is hard to judge their quality based solely on the coffee. So before visiting, just keep that in mind.

It is a big, spacious place that is great for meetings, studying, or just hanging out. The food looked pretty tasty, so this would probably make a good lunch place. That being said, the price-point was a bit of a turn off; I am not inclined to play $12 for a salad or $10 for a sandwich from a place that wants to be a restaurant and a coffee shop.

Though I was incited to follow routine and get a cap, I opted for coffee instead….It left a lot to be desired and left me slightly grateful I didn’t keep to tradition. The coffee was enormous (relative), dark, certainly over-roasted  and tasted like it had been in the carafe for a while; not horrible, not good, just… a cup of dark coffee. They were, however, kind enough to give me a free refill. I was hoping a “fresher” cup might taste a little better. I will just say, good try. While the baristas may be able to put out some fancy looking caps and lattes with good art, I took this as a learning experience; as much as I shouldn’t judge a “good drink” by bad art, the same goes both ways .

Given that Literati is a cafe, you have to take it at face value. But, seeing as the Westside has many other good coffee spots, I would only visit again for the ample space and calm environment, not the coffee.


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