Temple Coffee (Roastery)


Temple is an excellent independent roaster out of the Sacramento area that now gives me another reason to be excited about visiting the area.

The building and aesthetics of the shop are wonderful, heavily laden with wood assents and designed with a dim yet comfortable and spacious seating area. Many people were there to lounge or study, making it an excellent place to enjoy a quiet cup or get work done. Elegant, simple, not over the top, gimmicky, or cliche.

One of the most alluring features is Temple’s customer amenities.  For instance, they provide coffee samples and tastings right in front of the bar. Not only does this help customers make an informed decision but demonstrates a level of care (and marketability) that Temple puts into satisfying customers. This is just one example. I must say, I was impressed for a simple reason; when was the last time you saw an artisan shop willing giving away generous samples of tasty coffee?

What stood out for me the most was Temple’s French Press option; in lieu of a single cup made to order, patrons can buy a larger pot at a reduced price to share with their table. This “family style” approach to coffee is incredible. Not only is it fantastic in a practical sense (not to mention saves money), but this potentially cultivates a sense of togetherness with a group of friends  intimacy with a family, or a shared experience among colleagues. While the quality of FP may be a deterrent for connoisseur, I think this is rather inventive.

The staff was sweet and hospitable. They were very professional and did not just give you your drink and send you on your way; they stopped, talked, asked how things were. Very nice.

Temple does their own sourcing, roasting, and provides a variety of options in house. You can find tons of premium coffees, multiple beans from the same region, and the quality you would expect from a local roastery.

My cap was a little on the pricey side, but was larger than normal and satisfying. The foam was smooth and thick. The espresso flavor was slightly nutty but generally quiet normal. Also, it was not a well portioned espresso/milk ratio as the cup was dominated by the dairy. Satisfying but nothing spectacular.

Overall, I think they have a great, laid-back approach that is very inviting and shows an extra bit of care that most “artisan shops” cannot or are unwilling to do; they are there for the customers, not the other way around.

I liked:

  • Aesthetic
  • French Press idea
  • The tranquility and oasis inSac

Temple Coffee Roastery
2829 S St
Sacramento, CA 95816

(916) 454-1272


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