Ritual Roasters (Flagship Store)


While it may seem redundant to write separate entries for Ritual’s many locations, I feel the need to write one for every shop precisely because each one brings a little something different to the table. I love Hayes Valley because of the location and proximity to other sites in the neighborhood, not to mention the personable service experience. Napa’s little kiosk is a wonderful oasis in Sonoma County, a great stop on the way home, and it’s situated in a lovely little market. The flagship store in Mission, representative of the brick and mortar of the company, is another shiny example of their commitment to quality service, a charming experience, and let’s not forget, killer coffee.

On this cold winter day, our stop stop into the main store for a few cups of brew did it for me as a “holiday treat.” Maybe I am easy to please, but there is something special about a warm environment and a good cup during December, just when you need it. The store itself is, of course, gorgeously designed, elegant, hip, and hardly ostentatious. Wonderful staff, retail section, plenty of seating, and a great location. The mission store in particular also has great character; while some may find it commonplace, I think it is a benchmark of an “urban coffee shop” in terms of aesthetics, pace, and atmosphere.

Ritual never disappoints me, I hope it can do the same for you. Some may say its coincidence or due to my premeditated expectations that I always have “a good visit,” but hey, maybe that just says something about Ritual’s consistency and commitment. Cheers.

I liked:

  • I just love Ritual as a company 
  • Aesthetics
  • “Right place, right time”

Ritual Roasters

1026 Valencia St
(between 21st St & Hill St)
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 641-1011

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