Conservatory for Coffee


The Conservatory for Coffee is hands down one of my favorite shops in the greater Los Angeles Area and definitely the Westside. Not only is the quality of the product notable and excellent, but the atmosphere and approach of the shop is something to be envied, in my personal opinion. Lots of stores can “get it right” when it comes to a good cup of quality coffee while others can be excel by being friendly, sweet, accommodating, and chatty (what some of us want from a shop experience). Most generally exceed at one but not the other. It is something of a rarity that one place can succeed at both so admirably.

I have never had a bad experience at the Conservatory, though I could hardly call my once a month visit “regular.” I have never been disappointed by any of my drinks, the service, or the baristas who are serving up the Culver City and movie industry crowd daily. While I wouldn’t say that their attributes are equally 50/50 (quality and experience), though the product alone makes the CC worth the stop, I will go out of my way to say that the service here is downright homey and hospitable, on par with none other. Though I love many shops in LA, this is the only place I can safely say makes me feel “at home” as a “local spot” to just hang out, enjoy my company, or a good book. The baristas here are not “in the coffee game,” don’t spit game, don’t have a chip on their shoulders, and are not overly concerned with image. They actually care about how your day is and are happy to chit chat about whatever. The shop is modest and practical; the “mechakucha” of the beans and the goods only adds to the pleasantly “worn in” atmosphere.

Though I normally write about a single experience for these reviews, I have been there so many times since my initial visit that I can’t seem to separate them. I have had caps, straight coffee, Clever pour overs, and samples of their tasty treats. Everything is either great to excellent. The product, however, it is not what continues to draw me to the Conservatory; it really is the only place in LA where I have felt really welcomed in the tradition of old cafes (something I feel is lacking in many modern shops). It isn’t the flashiest, newest, most up to date, or “hippest” shop on the Westside, but it’s our shop, and that’s enough for me.

I like:

  • The Space
  • The Staff
  • Location
  • Own roasting
  • Price (everything is very reasonably priced!)

Conservatory for Coffee

10117 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232

(310) 558-0436


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