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  1. Erin Lampel says:

    Hey James! Cool site. Just checked it out for the first time right now! Would love for you to visit our shop! Would love to offer some advise of sorts of what could pair best with coffee (baked goods of course!)
    Let me know!


    1. Erin your shop is the best! I would love to do a coffee pairing and write an article on it one of these days. Does that sound fun? It would be a good way to promote your shop to.
      Also, been wearing your sweatshirt at work and lots of people have been asking about Companion (and many of us agree you guys are the best around)


  2. Jon Baer says:

    Since I moved up to Humboldt County, I have checked out a number of local coffee shops. There are a few in Eureka and Arcata that are pretty awesome. I think you should definitely take a day and drive up 101 and spend some time. Old Town Coffee and Chocolates in Eureka has a wide variety of coffee that they roast themselves and you can smell it on Wednesday mornings all over town. It is really awesome. If you do come up, the first cup is on me.
    Jon B


    1. Will do soon buddy! Congrats on your engagement!


  3. Charn says:

    Love your site and reviews of the coffee shops! I was hoping you could help me out I’m putting together a book with nice latte art pictures and was wondering if you could share a high resolution of the one at the top of your homepage for the project. that’s be amazing!


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