Le Boudoir


Small, centrally located store, right around the corner from the Meitetsu station. There is a spacious indoor with a bar and a lounge area. It was great to see that the store used hand operated equipment for espresso and milk steaming. The shots were done very well. Cakes and other fancy pastries were available and very fancy looking. To my surprise, the drinks come with some nuts and a little piece of chocolate. Nice touch guys, I appreciate little treats. The store is very calm with smooth jazz as their music of choice. The staff is very friendly and accommodating. In general, Le Boudoir felt like a mix between a fancy lounge to get martinis and a hotel lobby; it felt a little too formal. There are vintage radios with ancient tube amps in the back, the seating is older style leather chairs, all in an effort to make the cafe feel sort of old timey. One nice feature of the store was the very large windows overlooking the busy street.

I liked this place, it seemed like a good place to study. I did not feel rushed and  probably could have spent a good 5 hours there. However, I felt a little out of place, as if only a certain kind of “fancy” patron would wander into this swanky joint, those who are probably in their mid thirties to late fifties. The drinks are also a bit pricey; the cheapest drink on the menu was about $5.

I liked:

  • The location
  • Professionalism
  • Museumness



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