Gia Pronto


Gia Pronto is a small Philly based chain that does an adequate job at differentiating itself from the local SB with a wide selection of edibles and coffee. Though this distinction is clear, GP is still very much a “second wave” chain-store, in terms of its approach and quality; in and out fast and the eternal B grade. It is not the “walk in chat with your barista” place, nor is it a “be finicky and talk culinary” shop. However, it is a go-to spot for a caffeine recharge, and a nice spot for students and travelers to have a seat.

When I entered, I knew right away that I needed a cap. Places like this were precisely why I order them; they are a benchmark measure of a certain level of “quality” and skill. While the barista was very friendly, the older cashier was “Philly” grumpy at my request for a “wet cap.” Under his breath, he grumbled “that’s just a friggin latte…” Yup, totally bro. I soon noticed this place was definitely more of a “cafe” coffee shop; the food looked great and they were preparing it fresh right next to the bar. I was also partial to the fact they were using a La Spazialle; my first shop used the same one.

The cap was surprising,  better than expected. The texture was decent but extremely foamy (like bubbly foamy). It had a good temperature and the milk was very sweet, overpowering any potential espresso flavor. What little espresso there was to be had was “decent” at best. Definitely an older “traditional American” style, not bad. My cousin had a macchiato and my opinion unfortunately soured. Though I appreciated the fact they literally did a “touch of milk” in a 4 oz cup of espresso, the shot was burned to hell, poorly extracted, and there were definitely a large amount of sediment floating around.

Gia Pronto is most definitely a “fill-er-up” shop, not a destination for an artisan crafted cup but convenient, clean, and a good place to meet up with people. Reliable B’s are always appreciated, they are wholly consistent.


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