La.Va Cafe



La.Va is a quaint “corner coffee shop” hearkening back to older decades of coffee tradition. It was definitely beyond enjoyable aesthetically  it reminded me of my first shop in so many ways. Something about the atmosphere, coming off the street from the brick suburbs on a day with a hint of crisp fall in the air, that is perfect “coffee weather.” Maybe that is just my sappy nostalgia, but it was a good moment to find such a shop.

That being said, La.Va is a relatively low key little store that fits what I always thought was “East Coast style” neighborhood style. Very lounge-esq, aged, comfortable, and homey, a place with a lot of the same neighborhood folks getting their lattes day and day out.  La.Va is the kind of store where the same student sits in the same corner sofa every day to read, where the same pair of friends meet up there every Sunday to talk gossip. That is neighborhood for many of us; I easily lost a good 2 hours absorbed in my book by the window. LV uses La Columbe coffee, which seems like the general “go to” coffee of the East. Quality stuff, though not quiet to the same par as at home.

My cap was large and very “old school.” Super foamy but very smooth, extremely sweet milk that was like comfort-food. But, there was hardly any espresso taste at all; the ratio was way off. However, the minute portion of espresso was warming, heavy, not burnt but certainly had a “roasted” flavor. Hearty but not my cup of daily tea… or coffee.

In all, this shop was not very trendy or obnoxiously presented, which is a very nice departure from some newer establishments. It was almost totally hands off (service was almost non-existent), and a spot for a certain kind of person who is about the space and less about the product.

I liked:

  • Epitome of “neighborhood”


2100 South St
Philadelphia, PA 19146

(215) 545-1508

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