Abraço is, at least for me, one of the best shops I have ever been to, period. This is not just because the product is outstanding (and it is); these guys have hit so many high marks for location, atmosphere, attitude, service, philosophy, accessability, and overall skill that I would recommend it to anyone, especially to newer coffee enthusiasts.

This coffee bar is the definition of neighborhood; from the kiosk lay out to the staff, these guys are killin it with finesse   It is tucked away near the corner of a busy intersection in The Village, unassumingly part of the NY scenery but totally remarkable for the adamant coffee seeker. The small shop keeps true to the cozy walk-up NY eatery style with an interior that’s warm, bustling, but totally welcoming. I also love the outside “seating area” that consist of a standing table and a bench. The counter facing the open window really has “coffee bar” feel that is simple yet effective, letting customers be part of the experience. Plus, you can people watch or observe the coffee process with ease.

What makes Abraço really exceptional is the staff. These guys are not only incredibly skilled baristas with all the know-how and ability I come to expect from a good shop, they are some of the nicest folks I met in NY. All the staff members were super chatty, welcoming you as you walk in, down to talk coffee, industry, or whatever is on their mind. My barista Ben really made me feel welcome and glad to be doing my East Coast coffee expedition. These guys are way more than service people or even the personable barista, they are “your buddies” who want to make your  drink.

My cap was really intense and flavorful. The Counter Culture espresso was bitter but pleasant, “classical” with a heavy nut flavor that was a slightly spiced. It was foamy with little art, but the foam was exceptional; heavy with good consistency, full of flavor, well stratified, and portioned superbly. The milk was very savory and left a fantastic after taste. This little 8 oz cap was a great “pick me up,” really rich and potent. My friend’s African blend drip was solid and delicious as well. Excellent stuff.

The young, urban atmosphere of the store really reflected what I liked about “New York,” they were busy, diligent  doing their thing, but down to earth and real about their work.  This blend of professionalism, integrity, and quality is hard to nail, but Abraço has done a terrific job. In addition to the excellent location and storefront, their great character makes visiting worth the effort, aside from of course putting out some of the best coffee in the city.

I liked:

  • Standing bar
  • “Welcome friend” attitude
  • The aftertaste of my cap
  • Urban bustle
  • Unique Character
86 E 7th St
(between 2nd Ave & 1st Ave)
New York, NY 10003
Neighborhood: East Village

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