Everyman Espresso



Everyman Espresso is an incredible store that is devoid of the “smoke and mirrors” of the coffee industry but puts out some exceptional drinks.

The bar at Everyman is efficient, functional, and “loved.” Despite the worn-in appearance, you can tell how much solid work gets done on that counter and how much the baristas take care of their store. There isn’t a bunch of flair, but there is some great equipment and amenities for the customer conveniently. In short, they make the best out of their limited space. Oh yes, and they use a Synesso, which already makes me stoked to visit. One unique feature was the Aeropress bar; a simple little drip bar that holds Aeropresses instead of pour overs. Great idea, not enough AP around in my opinion. Being that it is situated in a lobby of the CSC, the ability to have the “normal shop amenities”  is difficult, but they have certainly succeeded in creating a warm, cozy environment out of an otherwise sterile space.

Right when I walked up, my very amiable barista greeted me and noticed my Sweet Maria’s shirt. We had a good chat about SM and their influence on the industry. I guess that gave me an in and boosted the quality of my experience, but even so, the staff at Everyman treated their customers with the up-most courtesy and professionalism. They were all smiles and class, happy to talk coffee, have fun, but stay serious about their work. There wasn’t a bit of arrogance from them, just humble confidence in their quality.

The first obvious mark of high quality was the delicate, text-book latte art… and it tasted as good as it looked. The temperature was superb and the milk was very sweet. The overall consistency was smooth with a good espresso bite that was almost spicy. I think what struck me most was how well the sweet flavor lingered after every sip, tapering ever so slightly. Really great portioning and execution.

If I lived in NY, visiting Everyman would become a morning ritual. While I may not choose Everyman as “go-to” hang out spot, I would come for their inviting attitude and “casual” approach to coffee. While laid-back, I have every confidence in their ability to put out serious coffee.

I liked:

  • How well they converted the space
  • Tapering sweet flavor
  • All-smiles
  • My cap’s appearance
  • Aeropress bar

Everyman Espresso

136 E 13th St
(between 3rd Ave & 4th Ave) 
East Village
New York, NY 10003

(212) 533-0524


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