Bourbon Steet Cafe


After visiting Bourbon St. Cafe several times, it has become one of my go-to places in K town. It is a simple, relaxing space in a great location, just down the street from some of my favorite restaurants.

I was first drawn to Bourbon St. because of their beautiful Synesso on the bar which compliments their full array of coffee equipment. It is an aesthetically well designed store with lots of wood, wall murals, and cozy/intimate seating. It is a really nice place to get a little work done or have a conversation with a friend; not too noisy, soft lighting, and friendly service. Definitely a hip little spot that isn’t too “in your face” about their artisan service and great getaway from the busy urban area just outside the door.

My one little critique about the service is their habit of offering “to go” cups, even if I ask “for here.” I don’t want to waste paper and I really enjoy sitting and drinking out of a mug. Plus, no papery taste and it stays warmer longer. Unfortunately, about half the times I visit, I still get paper. I guess I just kind of assume that ceramic is the default. Sometimes it is because it is “too late” and I can definitely understand not wanting more dishes, but other times they “just forgot.” If you want a mug, be specific. No big thing

After my first cap, I have since ordered just coffee. My cap came in a “to go” cup, the art was kind of frumpy, temperature was luke-warm and the milk to espresso ratio was kind of poor with weak espresso flavor. While I cannot recommend their espresso drinks highly (I tried a second time with somewhat better but similar results), I can praise their coffee service. They source from Intelligentsia and periodically other roasting companies, doing each cup fresh to order with the standard Hario-pour-over drill. Great stuff, I actually like the regular house blend, though I have gotten conflicting answers on what is actually in it; one barista I was told Brazillian and an Island, and another time I heard something different. Either way, great every time. Also, for a shop of their quality, their prices are very fair at $3 a cup. Definitely worth it.

I am, however, still trying to figure out why they have a San Francisco roaster and roped off area in the back if they don’t do their own roasting. Must be a decoration, and a nice one at that. I’d be happy if they started doing their own roasting, we can always use more local guys!

While my critique of the cap and service might be a little sharp, please let me reiterate that the atmosphere and space of the shop itself is excellent and worth the stop if you are in the area and need a pick-me-up. Their service has always been very excellent and welcoming.

I like:

  • Space and Location
  • Well priced
  • Friendly
  • Atmosphere
Bourbon Street Cafe
698 S Vermont Ave
Unit 103
Los Angeles, CA 90005

(213) 388-7888


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