“Expert” advice on Brewing the “Best Coffee”

I saw this while writing a post this morning. For all those 80%-ers (according to the report) who want to brew at home, this clip claims to give expert advice.

Well, at least they tried. Sure, it takes more then just the right beans to get good coffee. Yes, it is important to buy the “right machine” or brewing apparatus… Wait… that’s it?

What about grind size? Grind consistency? Freshness? Never buying pre-ground coffee? Never buying old store bought coffee? What about brewing technique? The right apparatus to yield the desired results? The list goes on.

Well, this just goes to show, not everything you hear on the internet is true. or complete. Go to your local shop and talk to them, they will give you much better advice I am sure. Cheers.


Got any tips you want to offer to the readers? Please post below!


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