Fatty Coffee? Alan Adler and the Importance of Paper Filters

Alan Adler, creator of the Aerobie AeroPress, gave an interesting talk about the popularity surrounding his innovative product. It’s quite interesting and I recommend you watch the whole thing.

But for the purposes of this post, jump ahead to 22:20. Mr. Adler discusses the function of paper filters for extracting two lipids known to be potent producers of “bad” cholesterol. Not sure if this means they affect body chemistry in regards to how your system intakes cholesterol from what you ingest or if it from the coffee itself. Someone will have to educate me on the finer points of food chemistry. But if this is true, it is an interesting point: coffee produced from metal brewing mechanisms (i.e. french press, espresso machines, or metal replacements for paper filter apparatuses) will ostensibly “make you fatter” than alternative methods, in a relative sense.

I wonder how the yuppies would react if this news got out. Would this change marketing techniques? How would it affect sales? Would shops that specialize in metal apparatuses be boycott? Would our precious espresso industry be villainized like fast food (not that Frappes don’t already do that)? Enjoy.


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