I have returned

So, this site was a brain child for all of, well, 15 minutes. I was sitting in a shop in Japan and it suddenly dawned on me, if I like coffee why not write about it? I started this site, really excited, and then because of work it just kind of fell off my radar.

Where the heck have I been? Workin, reading, learning, doing the “academic” type thing. I pretty much forgot about my love of “coffee writing” until recently. I started a yelp and some people have been really stoked off my little snipits about coffee shops. Great, to hear, thanks guys, hope they are useful. But then I thought, wait a minute, don’t you have a website? Oh ya! So, in an effort to keep my hobby fresh, I am going to be updating this site as much as my yelp since, in all honesty, I thrive on yelp because of my search for good coffee.

What I envision with this site is the same, but I am changing my approach quite a bit. I am going to be reviewing stores, but I am not going to be so detailed with a rating system. I am just going to blog and talk about things. I am also going to update a section about tech and write about different equipment, kind of a review page. Sounds fun right?

Attn: this is a huge task, and if you love coffee as much as me and wanna be a writer, contact me. I am always open to contributions, feed back, criticism, as long as its constructive, positive, and helpful. Also, if you own a shop and want me to review it (and it is somewhere near Santa Cruz, Livermore, the bay, or LA) let me know, I will be sure to stop by and give your place a thorough review. Cheers!


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