DIY: Brew Bar


Being the son of an engineer has its perks. Not only is there an endless supply of “scraps,” wood, and metal piping stored away in the garage, but watching my old man fix everything in our house with PVC pipes for the past two decades has definitely stoked the creative fire in me, from time to time. Yesterday, out of sheer boredom and curiosity, I made myself a brew bar following his zen teachings.

My coffee lab is already pretty packed with an espresso machine, pour overs, grinders, air roasters, the Aeropress, and various other coffee implements. I had played with brew bar concepts for a while, but never really saw the practicality or the need since I only had one Hario. After holding a few cuppings at my house, I became increasingly convinced that I needed something that allowed me to pour multiple cups at once. Finally, last week, I was given 4 additional Harios from my old shop. Good reason to make a brew bar.

I went into my garage, rummaged for good wood and set to work. After about 3 hours of trial and error (and a lot of hand sawing), I created my new 3 carafe wooden brew bar. It was all hand-made, simple wood and screws thrown together with a hack saw and screw driver; the only power tool I used was a drill. Probably would have come out cleaner had I used the table saw. It is pretty portable, functional, simple, and practical. I choose wood that sort of matched and added some bamboo from my yard for “flair.” The material makes it very light and at only 2 ft wide, it fits on my countertop nicely. I’m also stoked because I didn’t have to go out and buy the materials, I just finagled recycled pieces into something useful.

The price of brew bars can be ungodly, especially since they aren’t necessarily practical for home use. But, if you are looking for a fun summer project or like me, prefer to DIY whenever you can, this might fill up an afternoon. Coffee stuff should be more DIY… unless it’s a Synesso.


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  1. Nice! We’re adding to our Hario flock and I’ve been collecting different brew bar ideas – I love this one, and I love the bamboo trim. Stylin.


    1. Thank you! that little piece of flair was the only real plan I had in mind when I started.


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