An Amateur Barista’s Latte Art

I have avoided doing this on the site since its inception because I am not about self promotion. This site is about sharing my love of coffee and undying admiration for the hard working women and men in the industry doing amazing work every day. Every now and again, people have asked me to post art photos, but I have been really hesitant.

Last week, one of my co workers whom I helped train was super excited about her lattes and texted me a picture of her amazing new ability. Today, someone told me that my photos inspired them. She doesn’t normally drink coffee, but seeing my art made her want to start drinking it more often. An hour later, a friend said my passion shows through in my work. She claims she can see it in my latte art, not only with this website. Fifteen minutes ago, a fellow barista thanked me for sharing my techniques with her and posted pictures of her outstanding practice caps. Guess I should reconsider sharing.

If displaying my art actually helps, then I will share a few of my photos in hopes that they inspire other enthusiasts. This is not meant to be a “how to” or guide, just my thoughts on these particular drinks. I am truly floored and flattered by these comments. Thanks everyone for their support of this site. Most of these photos are candid and taken with my phone during work. As such, the quality may be a bit lacking. Enjoy.


This was one of my earliest “good” pours that got positive comments at the Octagon.


I like this one because of the dots and the heart.


My “patented” artichoke design in my friend’s cup at the Octagon. It is just a flat rosetta.

homeHome brew

My Christmas present to myself was $150 towards a home coffee bar. I found a little machine for about $30 that I still really enjoy using and bringing to parties. Nice way to share the love. My trainer told me that there was no way I could make legit drinks on a home machine, they just aren’t good enough. Well, he is half right. I used to practice on this thing so I could be better on the job. After a week of fiddling with it, I figured out how to make it work for me. I sent him these photos, then told him to suck it.

Winning Pour

My “winning pour” at the First Annual Panama Red Barista Throwdown. Won me first place and respect points. Solid.


The cap I pulled really quickly for my La Marzocco La Mistral article.


“Thanks for pulling really defined art at the shop.” Thanks for giving Companion a Synesso, Jeremy.


Inspired by Intelligentsia. It is hard to see, but I was able to get a little consecutive heart design for the top as well (stacked hearts within hearts).


It took me months to learn how to do the single “tulip” design (above). But, it only took me two tries to get the triple and then the quad. Learning this one made me feel like a  “legitimate” barista.


I love to make drinks for the staff when I first come in the morning. One of the bakers requested a cap so I made her this little guy. She was so excited we decided to take a photo. She thought it needed a nice background. Nice touch.


This one is cool because it looks long and flowery!


Believe it or not, this is a little 3 oz macchiato.  It is probably the best one I have ever done, I don’t get to practice them very often. Psyched! They are really hard to pour clearly.


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  1. Sam says:

    I had a training at a church coffee shop (no, not that one) up in Bonny Doon today that uses a 1 group home machine. Temperature surfing brought me back. You’ll have to show me how to pull decent shots on such a plebeian machine 🙂

    Some pretty lookin’ caps ya got there.


    1. Sam, you are the best man! Thank you for all you have done to set me on this journey.


      1. Just so people know, the Sam mentioned above is one of the mystery characters in many of my articles, generally referred to as “my mentor” or something to that effect.


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