Verve Roasting Facility



The Verve Roasting Facility deserves its own review because it was such a wonderful experience. I had been here once before when it first opened. A buddy of mine who works for them showed me some of the facility, the competition room, and their walk up bar. Great place; gorgeous and hip, like all of Verve’s shop designs. It is located on a really nice street in Seabright, right next to the rock gym, Beckman’s Bread, and the NHS Fun Factory, two highly distinguished businesses in their respected industries. Since I worked at Lulu’s and because it is a little out of the way, I haven’t been back since last October.

Given, I am still slightly biased against Verve for personal reasons even though I have been a visitor of the 41st store for years. Maintaining my integrity as a critic and someone who is passionate about the profession means I have to do my best to give everyone an equal chance, especially a renowned company like Verve. This place has somewhat changed my mind about Verve.

My friend and I decided to end our day’s coffee trip at the roasting facility. I had forgotten how serene the atmosphere was and the facility looked still pristine, huge, urban, and industrial in a sleek modern way. We took a little tour around the building, snapped some photos, and headed to the bar. Through no fault of their own, some of the other clients gave us a bad vibe. Total judgement call, but they did not look like coffee enthusiasts, more like ex-Starbux drinkers ready to jump on the coffee band wagon. Personally, this has been a turn off for me at the Pacific store.

Right away, we got a very different vibe in comparsion to the other locations. The barista manning the Strada kept things extremely mellow, laid back, welcoming, and warm. She asked us about our day, our shop, and offered water right way. We told her Verve was our last stop on the coffee tour and thus hesitant to get more caffeinated. No pressure at all, she continued to chat with us  in a very genuine wayas if we were her friends, not a forced or scripted customer/barista way. She sold me within about 3 minutes and I bought my fourth cap of the day.

This was probably the best cap I have ever gotten from any of the Verve stores. First off, and I am not sure why I haven’t been offered this at their other locations, she gave me an option of which espresso I wanted. I promptly told her I did not want The Sermon. Really rude of me and I should have been more gracious since she was providing such exceptional service, but she just smiled despite my attitude. Street Level was out so she offered me Cosecha. I was stoked because I had been meaning to try Jared’s blend. The temperature was perfect, the milk texture was phenomenal, the portion of milk to espresso was spot on, and the taste was exceptional. Though it was a tiny bit bitter, I thought the drink meshed together so well. For me, the best caps are ones that can blend together all the elements of the foam, espresso, texture, and flavors in a smooth yet pronounced way that offers something both familiar and unique. My drink was beautiful in both appearance and overall quality. Smooth and delicious, one of the best caps I have had. I review a lot of stores and had tons of great drinks. This one was up there, and that does not happen to me all that often.

After we finished, Ryan and I sat around enjoying the nice afternoon, chatting with other visitors and lounging on the facility’s patio area. The vibe at the facility is what I wished the Pacific store could have been. I love 41st, but I am just not keen on the downtown location. Bronson felt very “Santa Cruz,” right by the beach and the design and pace of the building itself sent really great vibes. Thank you guys for this coffee bar. The quality here, in my opinion, surpasses the Pacific store and rivals 41st. I think you did an outstanding job with the aesthetic of the facility and it will be my destination for coffee on that side of town.

I liked:

  • The neighborhood
  • The great vibe
  • Everything about my cap
  • Amazing service
  • Its distinction from the other locations

Verve Roasting Facility

104 Bronson St Ste 19

Santa Cruz, CA 95062


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